Let *Us* Be Your Unfair Advantage; Take the Guesswork and Frustration Out of Your Marketing & Get All the Customers You Want!

A Marketing System *Custom-Tailored* for Your Business;
An Extra $12,000/Year (MINIMUM!) or Your Money Back!

Keep reading to learn how you can get 1-on-1 help to…

  • Stop *wasting* precious time and money on marketing that just isn’t working
  • Get paid what you’re worth, by customers who LOVE what you do
  • Have customers chase after YOU, and only take the ones you *really want*
  • Build a business you can be proud of, doing what you *love* and supporting your lifestyle


Is your business in the
same predicament as hers?

here’s something very romantic about starting a business; casting off the shackles of an employer, and creating your destiny by harnessing your unique gifts and talents.

It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

Except that months, or even years later, your life doesn’t look at all like you thought it would.

You envisioned freedom to pursue your passions and dreams, but you feel trapped by the bills you have to pay, the few customers that you have, and the commitments that you’ve made…

…you imagined being sought out by high-profile clients, but instead you find that you’re constantly chasing after anyone who expresses any interest in doing business with you, no matter how bad a fit they might be…

…you expected to take weekends off, take the occasional vacation, and maybe even do some traveling – but you feel like you’ve been working without a day off for months (if not years!), just to stay afloat…

…you looked forward to a stable, growing business that would support your lifestyle and future, but you’ve been at it for quite a while now, and half the time you aren’t even sure where next month’s rent will be coming from!

At some point along the way, you probably realized that something just wasn’t adding up – your business wasn’t anywhere near the success that you knew it could be, but you couldn’t put your finger on what was missing, or what you were doing wrong.

It was time to get some help… so you looked for help, and training.

Did You Waste Your Time Searching In These Places?
Did You Throw Good Money after Bad?

You left no stone unturned; you’re serious about your business, and it was a very thorough search!

But it didn’t bring you answers, or teach you anything that you could apply to get real results…

Maybe you spoke to a counselor and took a class at the local entrepreneurship assistance organization, but none of the people there had ever started a business, and everything they said was generic, and not applicable to *you*. It wasted a bunch of your time, but at least it was free.

How many of these things did you try?

Maybe you tried taking a couple of classes at a university business school – this was a little more interesting (and expensive), but still all theoretical; it took too long to really get anywhere, and at the end of the class, you had a shiny new certificate, but no more customers than you had when you started.

Maybe you turned to books and blogs, and read until your eyes were bloodshot and your head was spinning – but you couldn’t tell the good advice from the bad, and you were overwhelmed by the information that sent you spinning in dozens of directions all at the same time, without any clue as to what to do after taking the first few exploratory steps.

And maybe, just maybe, you finally turned to the online business experts - and that’s when you really starting throwing good money after bad. You believed their promises and bought their programs with the very best of intentions, but you found that even the most diligent work didn’t produce results in your business, and seemed to pull you off course altogether – away from your business, and towards a world of online money-making schemes that you wanted nothing to do with.

All in all, you spent a lot of time and money that you couldn’t afford to lose, and in the end, you were back to square one, feeling tired, frustrated, and jaded about the whole experience. Each and every expert, guru, and teacher pushed their pet tactic or idea on you, but nobody took the time to understand your business and vision, or teach you how the pieces all fit together so that you could make them work for yourself.

Does that sound about right?

How Could I Possibly Know All This? (Am I Spying On You?)

Hi, I’m Danny. You know me, right?

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that we know each other quite well; you’ve probably read my book, Engagement from Scratch!, attended a live training event with me (or several), or read my posts on Firepole Marketing and elsewhere on the web… or maybe even all of the above.

There’s a pretty good chance that we’ve exchanged emails, and maybe I helped you figure out a marketing-related problem that you’ve been struggling with.

Hey, come to think of it, you might even be a student in my Naked Marketing Bootcamp or Write Like Freddy training program!

But no matter how well we know each other, odds are that you haven’t shared with me all the details of the experiences, challenges and frustrations that I just described.

So how could I possibly know about them?

Here’s how: I know about them because I’ve been there, and I’ve seen many, many entrepreneurs and business owners go through the same song and dance before getting ready to throw in the towel.

If you’ve experienced these frustrations, then you aren’t alone.

And if you haven’t, then be careful, because they could be right around the next corner.

It’s WRONG for hard-working entrepreneurs
to be treated like this. This has to be STOPPED!

What I’ve described isn’t just a made-up sob story – it’s REALITY for far too many entrepreneurs and business owners.

I know it because I’ve been there myself, way back when I first got started.

And I know it because I’ve seen it happen to more business owners than I can count. It broke my heart, and one day I just snapped, and decided that I had to do something about it.

So I called my friend Peter.

Peter was the other half of Firepole Marketing. He’s the guy that I went to when I first had the idea to do this, and we built our flagship training program together. We even came up with the name “Firepole Marketing” together, one day over breakfast.

There were three reasons why I approached Peter to do this with me:

Peter Vogopoulos
co-Founder of Firepole Marketing

  • He understood marketing, and in a world where anyone who’s read a book or taken a class can describe themselves as a marketer, that’s a rare quality. He gets it, just like I do, and we both have the track record to prove it.
  • As a university professor, he understood education, and knew how to teach things so that people will understand, internalize, apply, and be able to see results. It’s called instructional design, and I knew that this would be absolutely critical to creating a marketing training program that would actually help people, and it’s one of the secret ingredients that make our training so much better than the competition; we don’t just know marketing, we know how to TEACH marketing, too.
  • His heart was in the right place. Just like me, he cared about the entrepreneurs and business owners that he worked with, and it really mattered to both of us that we didn’t just create something they’d *buy* – it had to be something that they would USE and see real results from.

We shook hands, and starting working on Marketing That Works, which would become our flagship training program, and the cornerstone of our entire business.

It was a long process – after all, we didn’t want to build the kind of throwaway, flavor-of-the-month training that every other guru was putting out there! We spent over 2,500 hours (not a typo!) building this training, for serious entrepreneurs and business owners like you…

You Have to Be SERIOUS About Your Business to Do This

We built Marketing That Works for people who are good at what they do, and working hard to build a *real* business.

Not schemers, not scammers, and not get-rich-quickers.

Just real entrepreneurs and business owners – like YOU. Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, or maybe you’re just getting started on the side, and haven’t even quit your job yet.

Either way, you’re busy, and you don’t have tons of time.

That’s fine, because Marketing That Works is designed around those time constraints; we don’t bombard you with tons of content right out of the gate, or leave you out to dry when you have questions.

Here’s how it works.

The training lasts six months; one lesson per week, every week. You’ll learn how to market by actually marketing your business, and growing your customer base – and we’ll be with you all along the way.

This is the MP3 player that we want to send you.

When you sign up, you’ll start receiving lesson content in TWO ways:

  • We’ll send you a pre-loaded MP3 player with the course content, so that you can listen on the go, in the car, at the gym, or wherever you personally learn best.
  • Every week you’ll receive an email pointing you to the latest lesson in the Member’s Area (including the outline, worksheets, and bonus material for the week), that you can access *immediately* as a digital download.

Each lesson includes a detailed, time-stamped outline, and several worksheets that you can use to apply what you’ve learned, plus a bunch of bonus material.

Each week, you’ll spend up to an hour listening to the lesson and bonus content, and then you’ll spend a few more hours doing the homework, and applying it all in your business. The first couple of weeks are a bit more intensive than the others, because there’s orientation to do, and we want to get you started on the right foot – but in general, you can expect to spend 4-5 hours each week – that’s all it takes to get AMAZING results in this training.

What *exactly* is in this AMAZING training
that we spent 2,500 hours building for you?

Here is a short sampling of the things that you’ll learn along the way:

This is the Member’s Area, where you’ll
access all of the training content.

  • How to find the customers that are dying to give you their business
  • How to position against the competition and WIN (even if they’re bigger, more established, and have much deeper pockets!)
  • How to come up with a *killer* answer to that dreaded question “what do you do?”
  • Exactly what steps will take your business from where it is now, to where you dreamed it would be, and even further (and which steps to avoid!)
  • How to write effective copy – even if you aren’t a writer
  • How to be seen as credible, believable, and worthy of your customer’s trust (and business!)
  • How to easily track your marketing so you can stop wasting time on stuff that isn’t working
  • How to sell so that the right people always want to buy, and you never feel like a used car salesman

And this is really just a sampling – the training lasts six months, and we GUARANTEE that if you follow along, do the work, and send us your questions when you get stuck, by the end of it you will have a *dramatically* more profitable business (more on our iron-clad, totally unique guarantee in a moment).

Plus, to supplement the Marketing That Works training, you’ll also get:

  • Detailed lesson outlines complete with timestamps, so you can easily find and re-listen to any part of the lesson that you want to review later
  • Action-focused application work that you can use to apply what you’re learning directly to your business
  • Templates, scripts, and examples that you can use, copy, and follow in your own business
  • Bonus audio training focusing on specific topics like Influencing your Customers and Partners, Getting Things Done Even When The Deck is Stacked Against You, Getting Your Friends, Colleagues, and Customers to Buy In to Your Vision, and more
  • Bonus case studies illustrating how the lessons apply to other businesses
  • Unlimited instructor access to me and my team, so that whenever you need help, we can get you the answers you need to get the maximum results in your business (more on this in a moment – this is probably the most valuable part of the whole training!)

So what results have our students seen from the training?

Okay… What Have the RESULTS Been For Our Students?

Since the original launch of Marketing That Works, we’ve enrolled students from all kinds of different businesses;

  • Solo professionals – like coaches, consultants, freelancers, and therapists
  • Service businesses – like printers, writers, and fund-raisers
  • Online entrepreneurs – like e-commerce shop owners, and bloggers
  • Business to Business (B2B) – businesses serving other businesses, and large corporations

In other words, a very diverse group of students have gone through our program, and the results that our students have experienced have been nothing short of spectacular. Here’s the kind of consistent feedback that we hear from them…

This course has changed my life. Through doing the exercises and being able to talk with Danny & Peter I was able to uncover a marketing strategy I had not known how to do before. It has made a huge difference to my business.
-Virginia Graham
“Just wanted to say I put a couple hours aside to go through the first couple weeks of yours and Peter’s course – and it TOTALLY KICKS ASS!
-Robert Pinto-Fernandes
“I am so thankful that I was referred to Firepole Marketing for my marketing education. Thank you for this amazing course that transformed me from being a lost creative inventor into a skilled businesswoman.
-Judith Larose-Pelletier
Inspiring, easy to follow and extremely helpful! Amazing energy and passion from Danny and Peter – it’s like you are sitting in room with them and they are talking directly to you!”
-Yamit Daon
“It led me to concrete actions which moved my business forward, got me 135% more and better clients in a few weeks and it got me to focus on the activities that matter.” -Matt Tanguay
“I was pleasantly surprised with Firepole Marketing. Most marketing trainings are… average – at best. Firepole Marketing is interesting, clear, and will create real, significant results for your business!” -Ze’ev Nissan

The results were incredible; our students were getting more customers, and the customers were better suited to their businesses.

They were able to charge more, and they were LOVING what they were doing!

Here’s the Best Part: No “Results Not Typical” Disclaimer!

Now, let’s be honest for a moment; getting testimonials isn’t that hard.

As long as there’s even a tiny bit of value in what you’re selling, you’ll have a success story or two, and you can showcase those stories on your sales letter.

And even if you don’t have any success stories at all, you can still make something up, or have a few friends come up with quotes that you can use on a sales letter.

That’s why most testimonials are followed by small print explaining in legalese that “these results aren’t typical”, and that your mileage may vary.

Well, there’s no small print here.

Read those testimonials again, and internalize them, because these results are typical of the majority of our students who commit to the training enough to do the work.

So why does Marketing That Works create such amazing results, when most trainings fail?

What the Best Teachers Know, but Most Gurus DON’T…
(i.e. Why This Program Succeeds when Others FAIL)

If you were to poll the best teachers in the world about what it takes to really help their students, they’d agree on at least one thing:

Each student is unique, with unique questions. That’s why a cookie-cutter approach can’t work. We know that, and we’re ready and waiting to answer yours!

Each student is unique, and as such, each student will have unique QUESTIONS.

Teachers know this, but marketing gurus don’t…

…which is why you’ve probably seen tons of e-books and training programs that “teach” content by just explaining it through video, and give you *no* instructor access whatsoever.

The result?

People buy these over-priced trainings, and might even be impressed with the content, but as soon as they try to apply what they learn, they get stuck with a question that isn’t answered in the videos, and can’t progress any further.

(And no, a forum does NOT replace direct instructor access… not even close!) ;-)

Marketing That Works is different from all those trainings, because we know that no matter how good our content is (and it is absolutely top-notch), you’re still going to have questions.

And we’ll be there to answer them, as much as you need us to be…

“You Mean I Get 1-on-1 Access to YOU?!”

Yes, you do.

I’m 1,000% there for my students, and so is my team.
Via email, and even over the phone.

You get unfettered, direct, 1-on-1 access to me and my team in TWO important ways:

  • UNLIMITED Email Access (not an exaggeration!) - That’s right, unlimited. From the moment you join the Marketing That Works training program, you will get access to as much email support from me and my team as you need, and this is the secret ingredient that makes our students so successful; we exchange pages and pages of emails with our students every single week, because we are 1,000% committed to their success – just like we will be committed to YOURS.
  • Special Bonus: Free “Borrow-My-Brain” Phone Strategy Session with Danny (usually costs $250) - Sometimes, you need some extra help to sort through an extra-complicated problem. That’s why, as a special bonus, you will be entitled to a free “Borrow-My-Brain” session with me. This session usually costs $250, and people have said that it was the best investment they ever made in their business. Well, you’ll get it for free, as part of your membership.

This direct access is the #1 reason why our students succeed where others fail.

It’s the reason why our students so consistently build thriving, successful businesses, and it’s the reason why you’ll do the same if you join us in the program.

In fact, we’re so confident that our training will work for you that we’ve put together the strongest guarantee that we’ve ever seen…

“Who Guarantees an Extra $12,000/Year?!”

We don’t do the usual “you have 30 days to get your money back” nonsense – that sort of guarantee is designed to get people to buy who have no intention of actually doing the work. They buy it on the off-chance that they might make the time, and usually forget to ask for the refund.

That kind of guarantee isn’t fair to you; you don’t want a chance to get your money back, you want RESULTS; more customers, more profits, and a thriving, successful business.

The purpose of a guarantee is to really put pressure on us to deliver what we promise – so we’ve crafted a guarantee that will do exactly that.

So here’s our guarantee: if you go through the program and do the work, you will add a *minimum* of $1,000 to your MONTHLY bottom line.

In other words, we’re guaranteeing you a minimum of an extra $12,000/year.

So if you sign up, do the work, and aren’t making AT LEAST an extra $1,000/month within 6 months, we’ll give you all of your money back – even if you think the course is great!

Who does that?

Just us – because we absolutely stand behind our training, and we only want the students who are committed to their own success.

“Okay, let’s talk numbers. What is this going to cost?”

Setting the price on this training wasn’t easy – what would we use as a benchmark?

Would it be the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we’ve invested in our own business education?

Would it be the millions of dollars that we’ve made for our students and clients?

Would it be the many-thousand-dollar guru training programs out there, that don’t really do anything for the people who buy them?

No, none of those were the right place to start – so we set the price of the program based on one simple thing: what was the *absolute lowest* price that we could charge, and still justify all the time that we invest in each and every one of our students?

But the real question isn’t how much we could justify charging… it’s how much this training is worth to YOU.

So ask yourself…

…what would you pay to be able to charge and get paid what you’re worth, from customers who love what you do?

…what is the value of having all the customers you could ever want?

…what price tag would you put on our guarantee that you’ll make *at least* an extra $12,000/year?

…what is a successful, thriving, and profitable business worth to you?

Think about these questions, but don’t worry, because this program won’t cost anywhere near the numbers that you’ve probably got in mind.

So what will it cost for you to grab a spot in our Marketing That Works training program?

The price is $997. Or you can make 3 monthly payments of $377.

And that gives you a lifetime access to *everything*; the training, the bonuses, and the priceless 1-on-1 access to me and my team.

Click here to join us for one payment of $997


Click here to join us for three monthly payments of $377

Forget the Hype… Here Are the FACTS

There’s a lot of hype out there about me these days, and I’ll be the first to admit that some of it is exaggerated; yes, I’ve had some cool successes, and rubbed elbows with some pretty impressive people, but when someone like Jarom Adair calls me a “marketing god”, I can’t help but think that things have gotten a little out of hand.

So let’s put aside all the hype – here are some *facts* about why trusting me with your marketing education might be a good idea:

  • Starting from scratch, I pretty much single-handedly grew Firepole Marketing into one of the most respected blogs in the industry (and a multiple-six-figure business that employs three people) in just a couple of years.
  • My work has been featured – and critically acclaimed – on some of the biggest blogs and media venues around, like MarketingProfs, Copyblogger, and Forbes.
  • I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 15 years old, and have experience in a lot of industries, so odds are that I have some insight to share about how you can improve *your* business.
  • I’ve helped close to a thousand businesses over my career, ranging from the solopreneurs and freelancers, to some of the most prominent bloggers in the world, to companies that you’ve *definitely* heard of, including the world’s leading cellphone maker and search engine. ;-)
  • Throughout my career, I’ve been involved in teaching and education for more than a decade – I don’t just know marketing, I also know *education* – which is how you can be sure that I can teach you in a way that you can effectively learn.
  • My self-published book, Engagement from Scratch!, has been downloaded over 15,000 times, has over *90* 5-star reviews, and has been one of the 20 best-selling marketing books on Kindle since it was released.
  • People regularly pay $250 for a 45-minute phone call with me, and describe it as the best investment in their business they’ve ever made.

I care deeply about the education and success of my students.

These aren’t opinions, and they’re not bragging – they’re just facts that I thought you should have, so that you could make an informed decision.

And here’s the thing – they might sound impressive, but the truth is that none of those things matter as much as this:

I built my business, and my career, on this single truth: I care, and am deeply invested, in the education and success of my students.

So what do you say?

Would you like to join me inside Marketing That Works?

Do you want me to show you how to create the thriving success that you want, and so richly deserve?

If the answer is “yes”, then you might want to act fast…

We’re Only Accepting 75 Students, So Act Now…
Or You Might Kick Yourself Later

If Marketing That Works is right for you, then I strongly recommend that you sign up right now, while you still can.

See, here’s the thing.

Marketing That Works is probably the best marketing education you’ll find (and it’s definitely the best that I’ve seen). This is true for several reasons. It’s true because of the amazing and detailed content, carefully structured exercises and worksheets, and perfectly timed examples and bonuses – no question about that.

But it’s also (and *especially*) true because of the incredibly high level of 1-on-1 support that you will get through the program. Honestly, even though everything we offer is head and shoulders above the competition, this is the one thing that makes Marketing That Works a true *unfair advantage* for our students.

And there is no way that we could deliver that sort of intense guidance and support if we did what most gurus do, and admit as many students as were willing to dish out the cash.

We don’t do that – even though we’re probably leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. We just care too much about the success of our students, and we refuse to do anything that might compromise it.

Which is why we are only accepting 75 students into the program.

That’s it.

75 spots, and when they’re gone, they’re gone – and we won’t be accepting new students until sometime in 2013.

And yes, I know that it’s not a lot. Our audience numbers in the tens of thousands, and there is a waiting list of people who have been waiting for this program to open up, so that they could get in.

So if you want in, this is your chance.

The choice is yours, and I urge you to make the choice that will bring you the results you want in your business and life.

Click here to join us for one payment of $997


Click here to join us for three monthly payments of $377

If you choose to join the program, then I welcome you, and I look forward to working with you!

Best of continued success,

Danny Iny
Firepole Marketing

I’m looking forward to working with *you*!

P.S. The absolute *best* way of growing your business is learning from the best teacher you can find. If that’s me, then I would *love* to see you in the program. But act fast, because space is VERY limited; our audience numbers in the tens of thousands, there’s a long list of people who’ve been waiting for this program to open up so that they can get in… and there are only 75 spots available. So if you want a place in the program, now is the time to grab it.

Join Marketing That Works for just one payment of $997

Join Marketing That Works for three monthly payments of $377